AMI Sports Course

Have you always wondered how to integrate sports into the Montessori environment, or what your role as an adult should be? Or do you want more in-depth knowledge of the movement development of children? 

This course will help you to acquire the basic knowledge on how to integrate sports into Montessori environments across all planes of development.

This course is suitable for everybody who is interested in children and their development. 

Language is English and Nederlands!




After you’ve completed this course you:

  • Understand the connection between sports and Montessori education across all planes of development.
  • Understand how sports will contribute to overall child development across all planes of development.
  • Have acquired basic sports skills to present to the children.
  • Are able to prepare Montessori sports environments.
  • Are able to guide Montessori sports sessions.
  • Are able to conduct observations on children during the sports sessions. 

Course topics

  • Montessori background
  • History of sports
  • The importance of sports
  • Systems of sports education
  • Movement development (in all planes)
  • Montessori sports curriculum
  • Preparing the sports environment
  • The role of the adult in the sports environment


The total workload of this course is 40 hours. The course is pre-recorded, so you can do this course at your own pace and in your own time within 3 months. You can also do it in your own language (English/Nederlands). It entails 57 short videos divided in several chapters. You will receive the following assignments to complete each chapter:

  • Questionnaires
  • Practice own sports skills (send in videos)
  • Observations (not every chapter)

Your final assignment is a presentation and report of a sport activity to a group of children or an individual child. 

Schedule 2024

The course starts with an online kick-off and ends with viva voce. In between you work on your own. There is one Q&A session half-way. 

23th March 2024        Kick off (on-site, Delft)        
15th May 2024             Q&A (virtual)              
8th June 2024             Viva Voce / refresher (on-site, Delft)

The virtual meeting take place through ZOOM from 16:00h to 17.00h.
The Viva Voce takes place at the International Montessori Institute and take the wole day (9:00 – 17:00h). Language is both English/Nederlands.

Certification Requirements

In order to obtain the Montessori Sports Fundamentals certificate all assignments will be checked and approved* by the Montessori Sports team. After the final assignments are approved, the participant will receive the certificate by email.

*If the assignments are not approved, the participant needs to complete an alternative assignment that we will send by email.


Fees and Registration

The AMI Sports course costs €400,- 

Payments have to be made by bank transfer before the course starts.

The fee includes:
– Online lectures
– Review of assignments
– Virtual and on-site meetings
– 90 days Montessori Sports membership

If you would like to apply, please fill out the registration form.