The Gobbi of Ellie Wessels (0-3 AMI student in the Netherlands 2016-2017)

This is the story of an enthousiastic passionate AMI student: Ellie Wessels. She will share her experiences with the 0-3 AMI course in the Netherlands so far. Ellie has made a beautiful material which is called the Gobbi. The Gobbi is a mobile for babies around two months of age.

November 2016 the first AMI course started in The Netherlands, The Hague. This course is divided in four modules, in November, March, July and December. In this course the students are required to take notes from the lectures that Patricia Wallner(AMI 0-3 trainer) presents, and from those notes we need to write our own Albums. The different albums are:
- Montessori Pedagogy Album
- Medical texts Album
- Home Environment Album
- Aids to Psycho-Sensory-Motor Development Album
- De Neuropsychiatry Album
- Community Environment Album
- Observation Album

Apart from the Albums we also have to do handwork, observation hours and teaching practice.
One of the handwork projects is the Gobbi mobile.
The Gobbi mobile is a graduation of colour that are made with embroidery floss covering styrofoam balls. I did my version with the crochet techniques.

This mobile is the second mobile that is introduced to the baby. At first the baby prefers to see great contrasts like black and white, after the first two months the baby starts seeing colours more clearly. This is the moment to introduce the Gobbi Mobile. The baby will first see red, orange, green and yellow. Shortly after that the baby starts to see blue.

The graduation of the colours gives the child the opportunity to see the variations in colour. Because it’s a three dimensional mobile the mobile can hang right above the baby but with a range of 20 - 37,5 cm. This is approximately the distance between the mother and the baby while breastfeeding.

The materials:
-5 or more(7,9) balls of styrofoam approximately 4 cm in diameter.
It is very difficult to get 5 perfect gradiations of one colour, usually one can get 4 but the fifth one is hard to find. If it isn’t possible to find the fifth one, it is possible to make 7 balls like this:
-5 (4) graduations of a single colour embroidery floss, 2 skein’s each, consecutively numbered.
- 25 cm or 3-5 mm wooden doweling
- crochet pen

After a couple of months the baby starts to grasp towards the mobile. The Gobbi is to fragile to be grasped by the baby. Instead of the Gobbi we can offer mobiles to touch - there can be a elastic band with a ring hanging above his head, so the baby can pull and touch it. The Gobbi can still hang in the room, just not in reach of the baby’s arms.

The unlimited courage and the hard work of the young child, invited me at first to work with them.
January 2016 I started doing my internship at Bilingual Montessori kindergarden 2Voices in Amsterdam. Under the guidance of Erica Driven I learned how to work in a team and how to guide the children in a balanced setting.
Especially the young child has a way of interacting with the environment which is so delicate and so fragile that it needs an observant adult and tender care for it not to be disrupted.
The balance of the eagerness and the love for the environment is so perfect one would hardly want to change it.

For the adult to be a support instead of an obstacle, the adult must know her role before interacting.
At the end of this year it made me realise even more that Love for the children isn’t enough, one needs Knowledge in order to guide the child to grow to his or her full potential. To get more knowledge, I joined the AMI 0-3 course 2017 The Netherlands.

Ellie Wessels (0-3 AMI student in the Netherlands 2016-2017)